Louisana Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

catahoula Stretch - Louisiana Cataholoua - Submitted by Mopoke Catahoulas.

Origin & Purpose : Country/State of origin - United States of America/Louisiana. Used as stock dog, tree dog, cattle dog, Hog dog, companion, watch dog, explosive and drug detection dog etc.

catahoula Duck,Roughcut and Cougar - Louisiana Catahoulas - Submitted by Mopoke Catahoulas.

Temperament: The Catahoula is independent, naturally protective and very territorial dog.

Size: Males ideally should measure 22-26 inches Females should ideally measure 20-24 inches.

Coat and colour: The length of the coat should be short. Colour/Leopards are preferred and come in blue, black, red, liver, grey, white and patched. Solids come in black, red, yellow and chocolate.

Eyes: Glass eyes are preferred, but they can be any colour or any combination of colours. Each eye can be different.

Head: Suited to Australian Conditions. The Catahoula should have a powerfully built head, a strong deep muzzle and a strong scissor bite.

Ears: The Catahoula can have either laid back or folded over type ears, similar to a hound but much shorter. ears.

catahoula Stretch - Louisiana Catahoula - Submitted by Mopoke Catahoulas.

mopoke catahoula Penny - Louisiana Catahoula - Submitted by Mopoke Catahoulas.

Scent Finding: The Catahoula is a predominantly hot to medium nosed dog. When finding they will use both ground and wind scent to close in on their targeted game.

Appearance: The Louisiana Catahoula is a medium sized dog with a broad chest, strong legs and a broad head. They have shinny slick short hair that almost looks like it has been painted on. The coat colour of the Louisiana Catahoula may differ from one dog to another. Most are spotted with a base coat of black, brown, red, liver, blue or white with spots of either or all. The Catahoula also has a solid colour, black, red, brown, yellow and chocolate.

Training: The Louisiana Catahoula can be trained to just about do anything. They are only too pleased and happy to work for their owners. They work on sight, sound and scent. They are a very intelligent dog, thus makes training a pleasure. I am of the opinion that a Catahoula will start to vocalize between 5 to 8 months of age, but will not start working/ finding until around the 18 to 20 months of age. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Abilities: The Louisiana Catahoula is an intelligent dog that has the ability to work all kinds of stock. They are born with a natural desire to herd. They can scent from the ground as well as by air currents. They work very well by themselves but working a pair or more will make lighter work to bail the boar or mob. They are bred to find livestock in swamps, mountains and forests. They will find pigs in whatever environment you can possibly throw at them. They will trail, nose to the ground, but prefer to throw their heads up and "wind" their prey, taking the shortest route to find them and bunch them up. They have superior stamina and intelligence. This combination of size, intelligence and stamina enables the Catahoula to keep on working where perhaps other breeds would have had enough.

working catahoula Cougar - Louisiana Catahoula - Submitted by Mopoke Catahoulas.

White Catahoulas/ White Faces A word of warning. Deafness is the greatest problem with the Catahoula as with some other breeds of dogs. Inherently, the Catahoula is a very genetically sound working breed other than deafness. In the genetics of the Catahoula the M Locus gene, or otherwise known as the merle gene, causes the coloured coat, the unusual eyes, deafness, blindness and sterility. Generally dogs with all white faces and blue eyes will be deaf or partially deaf. Predominantly white-bodied dogs are going to have potential with deafness, blindness and sterility. There is also a strong probability that these dogs will pass these faults down the line. Although white Catahoulas are pleasing to the eye a good certified breeder will seldom sell a purchaser that has a greater majority of white in colour. Unfortunately, there are some out there.

Purchasing: If you have decided that the Louisiana Catahoula is the dog for you, I suggest you do the following: Locate a good Certified Breeder. This term certified breeder means in this case that they are a member of the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas, Inc. These breeders have agreed to breed only registered Catahoulas in compliance with the standard and regulations set forth by the NALC. Be careful about flash websites and breeders- talk to the breeder, ask questions and come to your own conclusion.

Pig Hunting Traits: The Catahoula is first and foremost a finder and bailer. Then Catahoula is a medium sized dog, intelligent, well muscled, yet trim, powerful with great endurance. This makes well suited to deal with the variables here in Australia. Catahoulas are catching pigs from the southern edge to the further most northern tip of Australia, around the Snowy Mountains and up to the dry creek beds of the Northern Territory. No other breed will consistently produce a finder/bailer as gritty as the Catahoula. Catahoulas are silent on the track and there's nothing like watching a pair of Catahoulas run a pig, pull him up with a nip on the cheek or by scouting around in front of him and then watch them dart in and out whilst intensely vocalizing. You certainly know when they have bailed and they will only apply enough pressure on the boar to stop it from wanting to run off again. They have a bark/yodel all of their own. They can be very hard bailers and are often right in the face of the bailed boar. I believe they would only stay on the bailed boar for an hour at the most. Keeping this in mind there are always exception to the rule. They have very good agility, which enables them to quickly react when needed. With their eagerness to please they will go to extraordinary lengths to find and stop that elusive boar for their master.

bailed boar Cougar - Louisiana Catahoula - Submitted by Mopoke Catahoulas.


Submitted by Mick Mopoke Catahoulas