Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Photo Gallery. Here you will find an assortment of pictures showcaseing the many different style's  and breeds used to hunt Wild Boars in Australia.

The Photo  Gallery is currently under construction and will be completed shortly. The following pictures were submitted by Ozziedoggers members .

"Harley" - Female Dane x Mastiff - Medium to Long range Finder/Holder - A very persistant breed which does not give up quickly once on a scent and seems to handle any pig which is thrown at her working solo or with backup.  Submitted by Boarbags.

"Snoop" -  Smithfield Cattle Dog x Wolfhound - Medium to long range Finder/Bailer/Holder - A great addition to my team backed up with plenty of brains from the cattle dog side.  Submitted by Boarbags.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog - Pup - Submitted by Mick Outback Catahoulas

"Bundy" - Mastiff x Cattle Dog -  Finder /Holder. &  "Tiny" -  Stag x Bully - Finder/Holder  Submitted by Joe.

" Stitch" - Pointer/Arab x Wolf/Bully - Long Range Finder Holder - Submitted by Joe.

"Muto" - Jack Russell x Cattle Dog - Finder Bailer - Submitted by Joe.

"Ruger" - AmBull/Mastiff/Wolf/Dane/Bully - Finder/Holder - Submitted by Brian.

"Skitz" - Staffy x Bully - Medium range Finder/Holder - Skitz is an extremely hard bitch who is strong,tenacious and with a high prey drive. Despite her small size of 18kg she has handled some large boars and has never let her owner down. She is now living a well earned retirement as a much loved family pet. Submitted by BrizzyHunter

From Left to Right Les with "GT" a Bull Terrier x Bull Mastiff - Mark with "Otis" a Bull Mastiff x. Submitted by Cass.