Makim Dogs

Makim Dogs


Ted - Makim Dog - Three Rivers Kennels


The Makim line of pigdogs (mountain dogs) are bred to find and hold wild pigs in steep, thick or rough country, to cope with the range of hunting conditions in the Inverell and Broader New England Region of New South Wales. They carry old Butters Blood but are not claimed to be "Butters Dogs".

The line is bred on the basis of best worker to best worker so size, shape, and style varies within a given range. Finding ability ( good nose and a willingness to use it) is the primary breeding objective as is hardness and trainability. The Makims aren't dog breeders, they are pig chasers who breed to replace or refine their own and friends working stock. Excess pups are only sometimes available for sale.

Russell - Butters Line Dog - Bred by David Hatch

The Base Breeds: The Kevin Butters line from Tamworth was English Mastiff - Bull Terrier - Great Dane and Wolfhound based. They were high 30kg and 40kg dogs with excellent noses and renowned for their toughness. When Kevin slowed his breeding his line was carried by others, including David Hatch of Tamworth who provided Cathy and Russell to Ned Makim in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Kevin Butters provided Axel (1999) but he was lost in the gorges of the Gwydir river in 2001 before he could add to the breeding plan. Since then crosses of Russell and Cathy and outcrosses that have included Wolfhound, Bull Terrier, Dane, Deerhound and Bull Arab blood have formed the basis of the family of dogs. But the breeds involved are almost incidental. It is all about the work ethic of the dog involved not potential breed benefits. Russell and Cathy can be traced back to Kevins Wal, Donna, Bing and Siggi and include Stag, Blondie and Holly(2) in their line.

Size and Appearance: This can vary because of the nature of the breeding choices (best performers to best performers) but the basics should be the same. Most are Wolfhound hairy although some will throw smooth. We aim for working weights of about 28 to 32 kgs. We select for mobility, nose and heart,  endurance and brains.

Hannah - Makim Bitch - Three Rivers Kennels

Colour: Colours can vary but black and white, fawn and brindle and white patches are common.

Nature: They tend to be biddable but occassionally a bit arrogant. They are bred to hunt on their own so they don't look for your guidance all the time. Hunters need to establish their dominance, then the dogs will respect the limits you place on their decision making and they will focus on work to the exclusion of everything else.

Kelly - Makim Outcross - Bred by Scott Solomon - With 72kg Boar

Trainability: As mentioned, successful training will be a function of demanding the dog's respect. They aren't hard-headed, but they are generally smart and can quickly spot any inconsistencies by their handlers. We want them a bit wild-minded because we think it makes them more natural hunters, but this means you have to be their boss first and foremost to direct that instinct where you want it to go.

Working Standard: The breeding tends to produce leggy, medium sized dogs that will energetically find and hold. Some will bail until you get there. Bailing is acceptable but we want them to then hold the pig one-out on command. Bailing as a trait is considered allowable in the line provided it is a show of brains not a lack of courage. The bailing dog must be prepared to hold the pig on instruction and hang on come what may. Bailing for any reason was not acceptable (nor seen) in the Butters line so that is a clear difference between Kevin's and these.

Bob - Makim Dog - Three rivers Kennels

The Overall Philosophy: We believe one dog should be capable of finding, stopping and holding one pig. It's our baseline for decision making in breeding but does not necessarily reflect the way we hunt. The point for us is that if it gets down to you, one dog and one angry boar, we want to know the dog will go forward to hold the pig and stay attached.

Current Breeding Program: When some of the dogs were outcrossed, the best of those pups were identified and have been folded back into the breeding program. In all cases, these pups can be traced back over 10 working generations. Hunter Scott Solomon has provided some outstanding ( in our opinion ) outcross results and these dogs are a big part of the program.

Paul with Hannah and a 55kg Boar - Makim Bitch - Three Rivers Kennels

Pups: Any pups sold have a no questions asked money-back guarantee but we prefer pups to go to hard working homes where they will be happiest doing what they've been bred to do.


Submitted by Three Rivers Kennels, Inverell.