Origin & Purpose  : The Bullygrey is a very pure dog that was started as a line in the early 1970s by founders Peter Ayre and Rod Barker. Bred down from Greyhound x English Bull Terrier X Kangaroo Hound the breed started out as an all round dog that could be used in catching anything from Rabbits and Foxes to Boar , as time passed he went from the original then became a line and today is a true family of dogs. In the beginning he was a fast all action dog that proved to be fearless , as he evolved over 35 years untill the present time the Bullygrey was selectively bred more and more for hunting Wild Boar , by sacrificing some speed they are now a bigger and more powerful dog yet still retain the deep gameness of the original foundation dogs. During the Bullygreys evolution the APBT was infused 18 years ago to improve endurance drive and scenting abilty. Todays Bullygrey is a fast catch dog able to handle the biggest of Boars .

Temperament: Highly driven , intelligent yet headstrong , loves to work . Docile around people making him a loyal family member , a very high powered working dog that needs to work regularly , can be a frustrating dog if you dont meet its exercise demands , he was bred to hunt and his instincts are strong .

Size: Males 26-28inches 40-45kg. Females 25-27 inches 35-40kg.     

Coat and colour: Smooth Coated, Predominantly White but any color within the Greyhound breed is excepted .

Eyes: Black to Hazel

Head: Broad at the skull good length of muzzle with a slight to medium stop

Ears: Rose to drop preferred though some carry a pricked ear .

Scent Finding: Medium to hot nose , will find game off a vehicle or on the ground

Appearance: Athletic with a balanced look of speed and power


Training: Obedience and general handling during the first year recommended then lots of exposure to hunting , a fast learner that will go as far as your prepared to take him .

Abilities: Very capable dog when given the correct training , generally a fearless holder of big Boars , needs to be in good physical condition because he expends huge amounts of energy and doesn't hold back .

Pig Hunting Traits: Very quick to light up on pigs , can be full of himself as a young dog, many times all to willing too take on a Boar that his mental maturity cant handle , so it pays to restrain them a little while young or run them with experienced dogs , slow maturing with 2-3 yrs before fully matured , a dog with extreme prey drive that will mature into a fearless hunter of Feral Pigs .

The Bullygreys family heritage has been recorded since his beginning in the early 70s giving every dog has a traceable pedigree.

Peter Ayre 0439491758

Rod Barker 0741258182


Submitted by Rod Barker